Hello weekend, goodbye health!

This month we surveyed 1,031 Scottish food & drink shoppers to uncover their buying habits, but more importantly to understand the attitudes and perceptions that drive those behaviours.


Not just what they do, but why they do it.


It’s something that not enough food & drink suppliers look at when they’re developing new products, which is why 75% of them fail within the first year*.

Too many decisions during the NPD process are based on gut feel, and not enough on actual evidence provided by real customers.


There’s a good reason for this…the kind of customer insight we’re offering has always been hard to find, and the extremely cost prohibitive for SMEs. Shopping data yes, though expensive, but bespoke insight? Not so much.

And yet it can have a huge bearing on the chance of success of any new product. For example, take the simple question of which days certain food & drink products are consumed…

Day of the week.png

82% of people surveyed say that they consume Health food & drink products between Monday and Thursday. Great news for the Scottish Government’s “A Healthier Future” agenda. And helpful info for companies developing new Health products. We also discovered that households with children under 12 years old are 11% more likely to buy Healthy products than the average, and that 48% of people say they buy Health products to keep their family healthy.

The flip side is that health F&D isn’t really on the radar over the weekend, so how you position your products can become more focused with this information.


The Job to be done

Consumers buy a product because it does a specific job or meets a specific need e.g. “to keep my family healthy”.

Discovering the “Job to be done” (ref. Harvard Business School) for the consumer can unlock market share, in a way that no amount of data ever could, because it gets at the causal driver behind a purchase.

More targeted insight during NPD might go on to uncover that the products needs to be easy to unwrap, not messy and keep a 7-year-old full until their lunch break. And doing that “job” better than other options can be the key to success.


Premium Saturday!

And when the weekend comes what do we do? A whopping 39% of shoppers say they consume Premium products on Saturday, and 74% in total over the weekend.

Right, we’re off to buy our steak and Prosecco for Saturday night!