Plugging the Insight Gap..........what brewers want to find out

We set out two months ago to create a completely new and accessible form of customer insight to the brewing sector


We announced that we would be reaching out to 5,000 UK beer and cider drinkers with our online survey in June.

This survey would uncover the attitude and motivations behind consumer and shopping behaviour. Not transactional data, but the true insight into why consumers do what they do.

And we made it accessible to the entire sector by setting a price of £500…crowdfunding the exercise to address the cost gap that prices out the smaller brewers.

Since then we’ve had many fantastic discussions with our investors, retail buyers and other sector experts. They’ve shared their challenges and frustrations, both with winning and keeping shelf space, and with sourcing decent insight. 

These discussions have helped us to shape the survey – four sections and the questions within each. Still 4 weeks to go, so plenty of time to fine-tune these, so if you want to get involved, get in touch!

General Behaviour & Attitudes

Okay, so this section does captures a bit of the “what consumer do” rather than why they do it – however this will enable us to cut the data by category, brand, retailer etc.

It also looks at what individual brands stand for in the eyes of their customers, what drives loyalty and why consumers switch.

Invaluable information to share with a retail buyer, or to guide your own marketing or NPD.

Craft Migration

We weren’t initially sure about this section, as Craft beer and cider does tend to get a disproportionate amount of attention compared to it’s market share.  

However, craft has certainly refreshed and grown the sector and has inspired hundreds of new brewers over the last 10 years. It also has a huge presence in stores. And with retailers starting to reduce the number of SKUs, brewers are facing an ever-more challenging trade discussion.

So, we’re trying to uncover the reasons for migration because future growth will rely on traditional lager and ale drinkers switching to craft.

Off Trade experience

A hugely varied section which will create some unique and differentiating discussions with buyers. We’ll also be able to benchmark each retailer against the others…

On Trade experience

For small brewers especially, pubs and bars are a more important route to market than retailers. Understanding how consumers choose what to drink in the pub, or even which pub to go, will be useful. Even more valuable will be the relationship between on Trade and Off Trade decision making.

So, that’s how it stands at the moment, but there are plenty of discussions still to happen so it’s likely to be refined further.

For more info, or to get involved, go to or call Mark Thomson on 07496 602553