Bringing the sector together

We’re disrupting the UK insight sector, as well as bringing a new approach to innovation within the Snacking industry.

Investors (already)…..

Crowdfunding & Co-Creation

To help us survey at least 4,000 Snacking shoppers, we’re asking manufacturers to invest £500 towards the cost of buying contacts.

  • In return, these investors will receive an exclusive, unpublished 10-page report and a debrief workshop

  • We’re also asking our investors to help us co-create the survey - telling us what their key challenges are, what questions they most want to ask consumers

  • The survey is to be conducted in September 2019

The result will be a valuable, large scale report, that drives new innovation (and sales) to the category.

UK Snacking Innovation Survey 2019


The problem for brands in the food & drink sector is that while transactional shopping data is available, what they lack is insight into the attitudes and motivations driving that shopping behaviour, unless they commission expensive, bespoke research.

To fill this insight gap we’re conducting an in-depth survey to at least 4,000 Snacking shoppers across the UK.

The report will cover topics including…

  • Why shoppers buy from different retailers

  • Key factors that drive brand loyalty, or encourage brand switching

  • Analysis by shopper demographic

  • The UK’s favourite brands

  • What drives consumer migration between snacking sectors

  • Key occasions and the ‘jobs to be done’

Crowdfunded surveys…

Published reports…